1. Can I enroll for courses if I wear glasses or do not meet the height requirement?

Applicants should be free from any physical or mental disability and should possess good vision in both eyes with normal colour vision and hearing.

The need to wear glasses or contact lenses is acceptable – provided that vision can be satisfactorily corrected and power of the lenses is not excessive.

An up-to-date spectacles prescription is required for the initial examination even if contact lenses are normally worn. The applicant is advised to seek the final advice of the designated medical examiners after their medical examination.

Pilots who wear glasses are required to carry a spare pair at all times whilst flying.

The minimum height requirement is 165cm in order to be able to operate the aircraft.

2. Where can I go for my medical examination to be eligible for a Malaysian Licence?

The medical examination required by the academy can only be performed by designated and authorised examiners as required by the CAAM.

For further details, you may also click on this link for Aviation Medical Requirements and List of Designated Aviation Medical Examiners.

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