1. I hold a CPL from Australia/FAA, what do I have to do to obtain a Malaysian CPL?

A CPL holder of a foreign licence who wishes to convert his licence to a Malaysian Licence is required to consult the CAAM on the requirements for conversion. A student may be required to sit for all ground examinations with the exception of Radio Telephony Practical and carry out a minimum of 35 to 155 hours of flying in order to convert their licence to a Malaysian licence.

2. Are you considering going overseas to do your Commercial Pilot Licence course?

Before you opt to go overseas to get your Commercial Pilot’s Licence, you need to check what the requirements are to convert that licence to a licence for the country you wish to fly in. It may cost you more in fees and also take considerably longer to achieve your goal.

Most countries around the world contract to ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation). All contracting ICAO countries set provisions for converting a pilot licence from another ICAO contracting country, and the cost varies from country to country.

If you wish to fly for a Malaysian Airline in a Malaysian registered aircraft, you must hold a Malaysian licence. Similarly, if you wish to fly for an American Airline in an American registered aircraft, you must hold an American licence. The same principle applies all over the world.

Although all ICAO contracting countries must set provisions for converting a pilot’s licence issued by another ICAO contracting country, the requirements for conversion vary a great deal from country to country.

If you get your Commercial Pilot Licence overseas and then want to work for a Malaysian Airline, your minimum conversion required is:-

  1. Sit and pass 13 EASA ground exams.
  2. Sit and pass 2 CAAM ground exams.
  3. Sit and pass Type Technical ground exam for multi –engine aircraft.
  4. 35 hours of flying on multi-engine aircraft.
  5. Pass a multi-engine Type Rating flight test.
  6. Pass an Instrument Rating flight test.

This will all take approximately 12 months to complete and will cost in excess of RM150,000.00. This is on top of what a pilot might have already spent getting his/her licence overseas.

All of the above information can be verified by the CAAM.

Although the letter you receive from the CAAM will say you just need 35 hours of multi engine you will still need to meet all of the minimum requirements set by the CAAM before they will issue you a Malaysian CPL/IR.

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