1. Is the Malaysian CPL/IR licence internationally recognised?

Malaysia is an ICAO signatory. Hence all other ICAO signatory countries are obliged to convert the licence to one as required for their own country. However requirements for conversion vary from country to country and it is therefore incumbent upon the licence holder to make inquiries in the country where he/she intends to operate.

2. Does every country have a Civil Aviation Department?

In most cases, all countries have their own aviation authority to regulate the aviation activities in their own country.

3. Upon completion of a course at MFA, will I acquire an EASA licence or a Malaysian licence?

Upon course completion, cadets will receive their respective licence from CAAM, Malaysia – which is convertible by all ICAO signatory countries subject to their respective requirements.

4. Would my flying in Australia be recognised by the CAAM, Malaysia?

The CAAM in Malaysia only recognise the hours if you hold a foreign licence. If you hold a foreign PPL the CAAM will only give an allowance of maximum 30 hours towards the issue of a Malaysian PPL. If you hold an overseas CPL or CPL/IR the CAAM will recognise all of your hours towards the issue of a Malaysian CPL or CPL/IR however, you will still be required to meet all of the minimum requirements for a Malaysian CPL or CPL/IR. These are as follows: -

  1. Minimum of 200 hours total flight time.
  2. Minimum of 70 hours as PIC or SPIC
  3. Minimum of 50 hours of cross country flight as PIC or SPIC including one flight of at least 300 nm with full stop landings at 2 airfields other than the point of departure.
  4. Minimum of 5 hours of night flight of which 3 hours must be dual and 1 hour of cross country navigation.
  5. Minimum of 100 hours of Instrument flight of which 20 hours must be SPIC and up to 40 hours can be completed in our FNPT II simulator.
  6. Minimum of 5 hours in an aircraft certified to carry at least 4 passengers that has a variable pitch propeller and retractable landing gear.

5. How many hours can I be credited for if I am a PPL holder from overseas / Malaysia?

For general PPL holders (overseas / Malaysia), 30 to 40 hours will be credited towards Single Engine Aircraft – with a required written approval from the CAAM, Malaysia. For overseas licence holders the maximum credit will normally be 30 hours. For Malaysian licence holders the credit will normally be 30 hours if you completed your PPL at a Flying Club or 40 hours if you completed your PPL at an Approved Training Organisation.

6. How long is the CPL/IR or ATPL valid for?

Aircrew Licenses will last indefinitely. They are valid up to an age of 65 years as long as the pilot remains medically fit and fulfills the minimum required hours of flying each year.

The validity period of a Professional Pilot’s Licence (CPL) is based on the medical examination by a designated medical examiner – where the pilot must be classified as “fit”.

For CPL/ATPL holders under the age of 60 years old, the period of medical validity is 12 months and over the age of 60 years old is 6 months from the date of their medical examination. Whereas the period of medical validity for PPL holders under the age of 40 is 60 months, from age 40 to age 50 it is 24 months and over the age of 50 it is 12 months.

Pilots are required to keep their licence active with a flight test every 12 months and a Certificate of Test endorsed in the flying licence.

7. Are there any alternatives if I do not meet the entry requirements for CPL/IR?

Applicants must fulfill all entry requirements to be accepted for an approved CPL course. However, applicants with equivalent educational qualifications or a foreign professional licence are advised to contact the CAAM, Malaysia to determine if they are eligible for enrolment.

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